Smart Garage Door Opener

Making your garage door opener smart is a step in the right direction towards enhancing your home security. If you’re lucky enough to have come across smart garage doors or have one at home, you already know its benefits. A smart garage door opener simplifies your life in different ways. Do you ever have that nagging feeling that you left the door open? In fact, you might have forgotten to close the garage door. However by the time you realize it, you’re miles away. Now, are you going to go all the way back and miss movie night? Only to discover that the door was locked in the first place. That would’ve been the only solution until now but not anymore. Instead of leaving your house and garage vulnerable to unauthorized persons get the smart opener which is synced with your smartphone allowing you to check whether the door’s open or locked and if opened can be locked automatically. It is your choice of automation protocol at home. Just install it and reap the benefits. Here are some of the benefits compared to traditional garage doors.



Open from anywhere

How does this work? Most of these smart garage door openers can be closed or opened from anywhere. If you aren’t at home but you want to open garage doors you can do it with your phone. Expecting a large delivery but you can’t miss that important meeting? You only need your phone to open or close the doors. If your partner needs to gain access you can do it for them using your smartphone. For instance, if your partner’s keys have gone missing, it’s easy to open the doors using your mobile device. If you prefer not to share your access codes with anyone else just use your smartphone to download the garage app on iOS or Android. It’ll help you save your access codes.

Need help making a decision on which Smart opener is right for you. Here’s a review of the 5 best smart garage door openers


Automatic closing and opening

Just about everyone can admit to leaving their garage door open after driving off in their vehicle at one time or another. It certainly happens not once but many times. This could be either because you’re forgetful or are caught up in many activities at once. Remember that thieves could be around and waiting for an opportunity. By using smart openers for garage doors you can overcome this problem. They have a proximity sensors, multi-sensor, and an automated garage door smart application. Put a sensor in your car to detect the movements and control it. By doing this your garage door will close and open automatically as soon as you’re in your vehicle. Highly affordable smart systems and smart phone apps are available and Advantage Overhead Garage Doors can point you in the right direction. If you live in Corpus Christi or surrounding areas installations and setups can also be arranged.



Smart garage door openers are here to add extra security dimensions to your home. Security will be determined at two levels; knowing if the door is open when you’re away from home. Secondly, monitoring who’s going and coming into your home. A system that may offer these features is a smart garage door opener. Connect your sensor in a good position. When you’re are at work your smartphone can allow authorized users to close and open the door by using a button push. Also with the given system, your garage door will automatically shut every time you leave the garage. Then it will open automatically when you return. Now, are you the position to make and informed decision use the system described above along with the comparison review included. Do not wrestle with your garage door. Your smartphone is the catalyst you need.

Compare the 5 best smart garage door openers with this online review.

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